Kid's talk

Aiyoh. Kids, seriously they are like the cutest bunch! Granted, some are just pushing your buttons a tad too much but overall, generally, they are a cute bunch!

So today I was doing the Hokey Pokey song and I was seriously quite out of breath after the song, must talked at the top of my voice to the children la (to remind them which body part is next) then must sing la, must shout HOOOORAYYYY! after each verse la. WAH I TELL YOU. TIRED TO THE MAX.

Me: “Friends! Aunty W is sooooooo tired! Can I sleep?” and plus a few questions la. When I noticed this boy talking to one of my colleague who was in the circle together with me. Now now, for me, classrules are always set before the class and one of them is, “When Aunty W is talking, please keep quiet and listen to me.”

So I was like asking JL (I’m protecting the child’s identity ok!) why is he so busy talking when he should be listening to me.

And he was like,

“I’m trying to talk to Aunty Jiajia..”

“Why are you trying to talk to her?”

“Because I want her to tell you to zip.. zip down. *starts to do a zipping kinda action near his neck* so you can breathe..”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. OH MY GOD. DAMN CUTE AND SMART PLEASE. Because I was complaining that I’m so tired after the song right? He’s actually referring to my uniform’s zip which I always zip it all up. And he wants me to zip it down a lil! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Anyway I continued talking to him la. I love conversations with kids.

“OHHH! You want Aunty W to zip it *playing with my zipper* down? Why?”

“Cos lidat then the aircon can blow in..”

*mad laughter from my other colleagues*

Guess what?!

He pointed at them with his finger! And went,

“Eh! Don’t laugh ah! I am talking a serious thing here hor!”


“Ok JL! Thank you for showing your concern to Aunty W! I will zip it down ok?”

Another one! This class is the younger age group class around 2+ therefore their pronunciation on some of the words ain’t that accurate. This boy, WR, was telling me how he lovesssssss Spiderman. The thing is, he pronounced it as, Piderman. Without the S infront. So I was actually teaching him how to pronounced it the right way and after a few tries, he got it right! Smart boy.

Then I was happily observing the other children when I heard someone talking in the background. Turns out WR was actually teaching his friend how to pronounce Spiderman okay!!!

He was so serious teaching her as well!

“Spi-der-man. Ok?! Not Pi-der-man. SPIIIIIIII-der-man.” In exactly the way I taught him okay! I dragged the first part, to let him see how to form the S sound with the tongue, lips and all and he totally can remember it and even teach his friend la!

That sentence he roughly repeated around 5 times? HAHAHA! And his friend totally just want him to keep quiet I guess cos she was like,

” Ok ok ok ok ok!”

HAHAHAHA. He can be a great teacher, just need to learn to be more patient with his students. Hahaha. See, kids have the power to just make a mundane day at work so fun! 🙂

Mad mad loves.