Kiss and Tell

I don’t get it.

Why do some people have to make such a big hoo-ha over their own break up with their bf/gf? Why do they have to announced it to the whole wide world in regardless of whether are we even interested to find out about that or not? And by WWW, I literally mean that. Oh boy, the person literally used up all the possible mediums that I can think of to convey that message.

For what?

To let everyone know about your own sob story? To gain sympathy votes by making yourself look like a victim? To use that as a platform to bridge the distance between you and your “friends” whom you don’t even bothered to keep in contact with when you were attached?

That, is just pathetic.

Grow Up. We aren’t in high school anymore. Be a gentleman, act like someone of your age. Yes, the person might really do something really really hurtful to you during the span of your relationship but if he/she is really that sort of person, then don’t stoop down to their level. Just wrapped it all up and chucked it to a side if you really can’t manage a proper goodbye. Why do all these?

Calling names, jumping at every opportunity that you can get to say the story to other people. This plan of yours is seriously backfiring like no other.

Don’t forget the person that you hate so much now is the person you fell in love with at the very first place.

Anyway, me and a friend of mine we were just feeling pretty disgusted after finding out something la. It isn’t pleasant at all and I just gotta get it out of my system.