Big, Fat, Liar.

I am literally that lor. Big FAT liar. 😦 Because I’ve been a lazy girl for the past month or so and totally just throw my work regime out of the window with no regrets whatsoever until I realised that my fats are peeking out again. Le Sighhhh. Discipline la girl, DISCIPLINEEEE!

Gotta start finding that momentum back again. And it sucks to take that first step well cause it’s always the hardest. BOO.

But hey, gotta start loving my body again. Love yourself, and the others will follow suit. 🙂

Bad thing is I’m gonna look like a whale in Langkawi la. Shit. 2 more weeks and I’ll have a short getaway waiting for me! Which reminds me I’ve not really plan anything yet! Erhem, great.