All I can do is wait

I woke up with an odd sense of emptiness in me since the starting of the week and it continue on well until nearly the end of this week. Not to say it’s completely gone, but it just kinda slowly ebbed away, you know? Like it’s my body telling me that “hey look, I’m coping! YOU’RE coping!” Not saying that wee I’m all fine and dandy but just saying, life still goes on, you know. Cliche as it may sounds but the Earth is still spinning la, helloooo.

My mind was always preoccupied when I really shouldn’t be but I just can’t seems to really control it.

I tried my very best to pack my days in meeting my friends and I really have to thank them for taking their time out for me, like gloria even accompanied till to the wee hours at wala on friday night. Really, thank you to each and everyone of you. You guys are like the carrot that’s dangling straight in front of me, pushing me (the doneky la) to go through the day with something to really look forward to. 🙂

The week is ending. And another new one is coming.

Sigh, can’t wait to go Langkawi already. Seriously, all I want is to just laze at the beach all day long but I think my sis is going to kill me for doing that. Guess I’ll just have to make do with another short get away myself.