The Man I'm going to marry

[ a blog post inspired by a picture in icanread, think its pretty shweet therefore doing one of my own. ]

  • is the one who is willing to drive me out in the middle of the night just to satisfy my ice cream cravings.
  • loves taking candid pictures of me. [ i always think it’s an uber shweet thing, to be taking candid pictures of your loved ones, only when you really care and love the person then will you want to preserve every moment, all the tiny details of her, right?! ]
  • will slot love letters all over the house, just so to surprise me on a very boring normal day.
  • play with my hair while I lay on his lap watching whatever that’s on e telly.
  • give me back rubs at the end of the day without me asking for it.
  • hug me to sleep every night, that is if we’re not quarreling la. hahahah.
  • tell me that i’m beautiful even when i just woke up with hair sticking out on its ends.
  • will do silly/funny/stupid actions just to make me laugh on a bad day.
  • tease me for the fun of it but never going overboard with it.
  • will just keep quiet and hold my hand when i’m feeling awful.
  • loves kids.
  • loves travelling. [ sigh, notice how travelling and kids don’t really mesh well tgt. shit. ]
  • can play a musical instrument well [ ok la, this is more of a bonus. who don’t like to be serenaded?! best if he can sing and play it at the same time. i.e GABE BONDOC. haahahahah! ]

and a lot more. i realised this list can be never ending. what’s yours? can i tag people to do it, it’s like so fun! hahahaha! i tag mingzhen, weilin and jasmine to do this! you guys better do i tell you.