Berjaya Langkawi Resort- Not as fantastic as it seems

Ok, finally a blog post regarding my Langkawi trip. But, I’m the sort who likes to clear the bad stuff away before talking about the happy and positive things, thus, I’m starting with this post first; a (albeit negative, but it still is) review on Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

If you click on the link, perhaps you will be like me when I first saw the pictures on the website while finding a suitable place for my parents to stay. Like they’ve been the top most priority for this entire trip, which is one of the reason why I didn’t chose to stay at Cenang Beach, which is more of a hot spot for travellers to go to due to its prime location. I thought with its bars and activities catered for the younger generation, it might get a tad too noisy for my parents at night. And I certainly don’t wish my parents to like, stay awake at night despite pass their usual bedtime due to the noise level.

Thus, Berjaya. Hello, it’s like in the middle of a rainforest, with all the insects and animals moving around which my dad loves (he mentioned it reminded him of his Kampong life) and the best thing is, it’s quiet.


(like all good stories, a but has to come into the picture)

It seems like when it comes to Customer Service, Berjaya still has a long way to go in keeping their customers, aka ME, happy. And why is that so?


On the second night of our stay, which is 3rd April 2010, the plaster cornering of the toilet’s ceiling of my parents’ room (I’ve no idea what is the exact term for it, but I’ve pictures to show later so if you don’t get it now, just look at the pics!) came off ok! Like, the whole strip of it! It landed on the toilet’s door and needless to say, the toilet was extremely dirty with the dust, dirt, cement, plaster, whatever it is, scattered all over the floor.

My parents was being rudely awaken by the sudden noise of it and like it wasn’t bad enough, the toilet started regurgitating some foreign stuff back into the bowl. Gross to the max.

See the empty space up there? That whole strip just came off okay!

See? WHOLE STRIP. It’s dangling off the toilet’s door.

Sorry to show you guys this. I’m feeling queasy myself as well, but this is HOW gross it is okay! Don’t even know wtf is inside there. EEKS.

Dirty toilet area.

As all of these happened in the middle of the night, like between 4-6am, my parents just pop by over to my room if they’ve the need to use the toilet. They don’t know how to call to the front desk on their own as everything was done nicely for them by me and my sister.

So the next morning, after our breakfast (we HAVE to settle the breakfast first due to my fussy daddy) I went over to the front desk to ask for 2 new fresh towels for my parents as the ones in the toilet were soiled.If it happened to our own room, I might not be so fussy about it, you know? But the fact is it happened in MY PARENTS’ ROOM. And that’s what pissed me off. Greatly.

And the feeling didn’t go away after I told the lady at the front desk what exactly happened. In fact, it increased double fold after her following actions. Let me list down okay.

  1. She wasn’t helpful at all when she get to know of the situation. Granted, she might not be in charge of this, but look, you’re working in a 5 star hotel at the front desk, where you’ve the ability to create a positive or negative impression on the customer, shouldn’t you have the sense to say things like, “I’ll check with so-and-so immediately regarding the situation and will let you know within ___ mins.” No? Very difficult thing to do? The only words that she uttered out of her mouth were, “Oh ok”. Like wtf, what is oh ok?
  2. My mum was just standing beside me when I told the lady what happened in my parents’ room so in the middle of the conversation, she actually turned and looked at my mother and just turned back to look at me. No concern was shown towards my mother at all. Is it so difficult to ask my mum or me, “Is she alright?”or say things like “I’m very sorry that that situation actually happened..etc” NOPE. No concern, no remorse, none whatsoever. ZILCH. In fact, she’s this dazed and blank look on her.
  3. Told me the fresh towels will be sent to my room “right now”. All I can say is, bullshit. When we returned to the room a good 10 minutes later, no such thing as anything delivered to the room.

And so, we spent another 10 more minutes waiting in the room for the towels to arrive but still, no sign of it.

Therefore, I made a call to their One-Stop-Service Centre and the staff who picked up the phone just told me she will “check with house keeping” and she hung up on me immediately. AGAIN, no intention of getting back to me on how long more it’s going to take. And yes, I’ve already told her that we’ve already spent the last 20 minutes waiting for it.

I’ve to say, their service was really disappointing based on the way they handle such situations. Their day-to-day service was alright, not fantastic, but its still satisfactory. Like, there’s nothing to nit pick about. But when a sudden situation was thrown in their faces, it seems like none of them, or at least, those who served me, was unable to handle it in the correct manner. So what? They aren’t trained in handling them? And that coming from a 5 star resort. Food for thought.

So a good 15 minutes or so passed before the housekeeping staff came up with our precious two towels and in all, we wasted more than 30 minutes just for it. When it could have been spent on the private beach in the resort or other last minute quick activities that we can squeeze into our short getaway. I’m sure all of us understand how time can be so precious when we’re out for a holiday ain’t it?

I’ve sent an email over to Berjaya regarding this and I will be patiently waiting a reply for them. If they do, be it a satisfactory or a non-satisfactory one, I’ll be posting it up on the blog for all to see.

So, till then.

ps: I’m not too sure whether Berjaya Langkawi Resort is a 4 star or a 5 star resort. I remember reading it from somewhere that it’s the newest and the biggest 5 star resort in Langkawi. But it seems like it’s really just more of a 2 star in their customer service isn’t it.