Sex is not Love

(Anyway I’ve no idea who are these two peeps la k, I just got this picture off from Google when I typed, “Physical Intimacy”. So, yeah.)

Who agree that Sex is not equivalent to Love raise up your hand!

This is something that I feel strongly about; that Sex is not equivalent to Love. Whenever I hear cock and bull stories from people claiming that their boyfriend mentioned if they really loved him, they should be willing to “make love” (want to get you in their bed, of course will make it sound nicer) with him, that through the whole intercourse, they will then really be together physically and mentally blahblahblah. I swear to god, I will be mentally rolling my eyes.

Hah. Bullshit.

Note. I’m not saying that making love isn’t important in a relationship. It definitely is. In fact, that is why we are being build this way right? And yes, research has also shown that through making love, it definitely can help the couple to feel closer towards each other. I’m not saying that NOOO, SEX IS EVIL. ITS TABOO. It isn’t. I just feel that guys using that lame reason to get their unwilling girlfriends to sleep with them is just being.. a scumbag of sorts.

It isn’t something to be rushed into. It should be done (I feel) when both parties are at the same stage be it towards this relationship, mentally, and also on their maturity level. Maturity level as in, some siao gin nas will just want to do it because its the “in” thing to de-virginise yourself ASAP once you’re at a legal age. Now people, that’s just plain stupid. And that’s definitely a wrong reason to do it la please.

Even though I agreed that M.L (short form) is important in a relationship, it isn’t essential to keep it going. Because afterall, it is a form of physical intimacy, am I right? And I believed that there are many ways to replace that form of physical intimacy in your relationship. Even Gary Chapman said that M.L is not the same as Physical Touch. Btw, he is the man who came up with the 5 Love Languages thing. So girls, don’t so blur blur kana con by your boyfriend ok. If he say that his primary love language is Physical Touch and he needs it to keep the relationship going, just dump him. You’ll be better off without him.

Like, if your boyfriend’s primary love language is really Physical Touch. There are many little things you can do to keep his love tank full without venturing into such a deeper level if you’re uncomfortable with it. Example, whenever you guys meet, the first thing that you can do is to give him a hug and a kiss. When he’s talking, run your hands through his hair. Give him a back rub. Reach across the table and hold his hand while he is talking. You know, simple things like that?

Besides, I always believed that if the guy TRULY loves you, he wouldn’t rushed and forced you into doing something that you don’t want to.

Think about that.