Boyfriend's words, when is it too much?

Personally, I really really don’t get people whenever they put their other half’s priority way up there till to a point, they fail to make a sound judgement on their own. Nevermind that they themselves can’t make a fair judgement without someone’s “good advice” in it already, imagine making a decision with it.

Look, I’m okay if your other half is giving you really good advice and feedback and have a strong explanation to back up his thinking. I’m the kind who needs you to reason with me. I am too strong headed a person, if you are meek and can’t provide me with strong enough reasons then sorry hor, I won’t accept it. So I don’t care if you’re my father, my mother, my boyfriend or whoever, if you are making an unreasonable request, I won’t agree to it.

Thus, I seriously don’t get it why some people can do it. Yes, they might not be able to make decisions themselves, they are not determined enough, they don’t think about the repurcussions of their decisions, not responsible enough, don’t plan properly of the things they’re gonna do or say, yadda yadda yadda. At least, these are the few reasons that I can think off hand la.

Note. I’m  not saying that you shouldn’t listen to your other party at all. I believe everyone should listen to their bf/gf up to a certain extent out of respect for each other. But see what I said? “ a certain extent..” YES. To a certain bloody extent people. You yourself need to be strong enough mentally to detect unusual/unreasonable/bullshit requests from them and put a hold to it. They’re free to say whatever they like, but YOU have the choice to do it or not. As simple as that. And again, I’m not asking you to throw a hussy fit over it, to make a big hoo-ha, cry buckets of tears to threaten them, no. I believed it can be solved by reasoning. If it can’t be, then looks like you know what sort of person you are dealing with anyway. But of course, that depends on YOU whether do you think its unreasonable or not. Of course, you can chose to think that its perfectly fine and reasonable. So in that case, you are throwing the seat of judgement to other people, for example, your friends.

It’s bad enough if one party in insensible. It’s horrible if both parties are.