Nevermind the fact that we’ve already booked the tickets. Nevermind the fact that it didn’t occur to you what if I can’t find another companion. Also, nevermind the fact that the dates of our departure is different from the rest of my two friends. Nevermind all these. Because what is so fucking important to you is to keep your boyfriend happy.

Friends. What are those? Seriously. Get lost, I don’t need you now. If I need you, I can always just go back to you and you will still be expecting me. I can take you for granted. Its a-okay. But for my boyfriend? Hell no, I can’t make him upset with me even if he is making an unreasonable request. I have to accept it.


Don’t give me bullshit that friends are more important than boyfriend blahblahblah or that you thought of all that I mentioned above. Don’t give me that kind of weak explanation. You need more than that to convince me. Talk is cheap la. If you really care so much, then this at the first place won’t happen. If you really feel what you think, your action won’t be this, ok? Because anyone with a sensible, mature, rational thinking will know that by doing this is just creating more problems. Now, it’s so damn fucking easy to create a problem. All I have to do is to throw it to Kaiwen and she can solve all these for me since she’s been doing so for me for goddamn don’t know how many times.

So easy for you to say, “I didn’t think of all these..”, “Yes I know..” etc etc etc. It really amazed me that you can just happily came up with this decision just because your boyfriend is upset and don’t allow you to go. That it didn’t occured to you I will be upset as well. Hell no. I will be all fine and dandy, right? I will just listen in and accept the fact calmly and let it go. Is it?

Oh yes. Nevermind the fact that this is the second time you’ve done it to me. Nevermind the fact that you promised me it won’t happen again. Bullshit.

It’s bad enough that one side is upset. It’s worse if both sides are. Do you even think about about all these? Oh hell no you don’t.