Thank you.

Being caught up in a fast-pace society, being in this position where I have to live up to the expectations of others let alone mine, being the one who has to ensure that yes, most of, if not all, is progressing smoothly, sometimes I tend to lose sight of what I have.

That’s sad isn’t it. Because of all the pressure I’m facing or giving myself, because of so many things going on around me and at the same time, I forget to be be thankful for the things AND the people around me. I forget that I’m actually in a not-too-bad position already be it with friends, family or work wise.

I make myself feel horrible when things don’t go according to my way, when there is hiccups at work, when all these things are not even within my control. I forget to just close one eye to certain incidents, I forget how to tell myself that all these are just part and parcel of work, of life. Yea, it’s sad how I forget all these.

But sometimes, a little voice at the back of my head will just speak up, and remind me of all these. To remind me to be thankful and grateful for everything that I have. And indeed, I am. I really am. Thank you thank you, to the one who is up there, to bless me with so much in Life, to make me realise at times that I need to knock on my own head and know this clear fact.

Need more reflection time with myself I think. haha!