I was trying to concentrate on my read; Harry Potter’s-The Half Blood Prince on 502 but the dude sitting next to me was talking way too loudly to his friend and I just couldn’t ignore it. Besides, if it’s something he wish to keep it private, he can talk more discreetly. I bet half of the passengers on the bus can hear the content of his conversation.

Guy: No, seriously, I don’t get you girls sometimes! It’s so difficult to understand you guys! I just don’t get it!

Girl: No, I think guys are difficult to grasp at times as well. It’s not just us.

Guy: We are easy to understand, man. We say what we mean. If we say, we’re ok, then we’re ok. But girls! *exasperated look* You can say, Ya i’m fine but in actual fact you’re not. And we just won’t get it! When are you exactly fine ah? Is there anyway to know? Sometimes I try to put myself in her shoes, to see whether is it something that I will get angry about, but I still won’t know because I am not her!

Being a woman myself, I can’t fathom how we think at times too. So I can’t really blame the poor dude on the bus who can’t grasp it as well. At times, when we say, “Ya, I’m fine.” We really do mean it, so quit bugging us. But at times, when we said that, obviously we’re still fuming mad at you! So what the hell are you doing thinking that it’s all fine and dandy already?! Are you dense?!

See. That’s women for you. So confusing.

It’s high time we say what we mean already la.