Things to do in Langkawi

Can you believe it? It’s been nearly a month since my Langkawi trip! Oh man. Time flies. Which is good, cause this means my Krabi trip is approaching soon! Haha, think happy thoughts! Anyway, I just think it’s high time to blog a little about the trip before 1. all memories of it is lost or 2. I will just keep on procrastinating it, like my, erm, Hongkong trip. (man, I really wanna blog about Macau! love that place!)

Ok dokes. Things to do in Langkawi!

Langkawi is really quite a standard sort of touristy spot to go, if you get what I mean. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend you to go for a stay more than 4 days as it’s quite limited in the activities therefore, a short stay will work just fine for you!

Here are some of the things that you can do in Langkawi.

  1. Island Hopping – packages are easily bought along Pantai Cenang, Pantai Kok, Oriental Village and even the airport itself. (I bought mine at the airport cause the hotel I’m staying in was horribly inaccessible) This is like the must-do when you’re in Langkawi. Its value for money, and helps you to spend half of your day away. (You can chose it to be in the morning or noon.)
  2. Cable car –  According to many, it’s quite an eye-opener and I would say so too as well if I got the chance to sit it. You wouldn’t believe it lor, when I was there, the cable car was closed down till 16th April for maintenance k! ROAR. So yup, I can only imagine how beautiful the view is from up there.
  3. Oriental Village – This is where the cable car is located, so it’s good if you can go there for a meal before/after your ride. I will recommend the nasi lemak stall located right at the front of Oriental Village, good grub at a fabulous price. But take note, they are only open for a few hrs per day. Try to catch them at 10am. Stores are closed super duper early and they don’t adhere to opening hours. Forget about going there after 6pm, it’ll be a dead town.
  4. Kuah Town – It’s the city area but frankly, you can give this a miss as well UNLESS you’re looking for cheap alcohol. Its super cheap pls! Because its duty free. Also, go to this green shopping centre, they sell very cheap sarong. (the ones we’re wearing at the header, mine is only for 5 bucks!)
  5. Their new Underwater World Aquarium! I didn’t went there though.
  6. Head on to the bars and beach at Pantai Cenang and just slack the day away!

For those who can drive, I will recommend you guys to rent a vehicle, get a map and explore the whole of Langkawi away! The routes there are quite easy to remember actually, like during my trip there, when I was on the taxi, I totally can recognise which road leads to where kind. But be mindful of the cows though, must give way to them k!

Will be back with pictures of my island hopping tour the next time round!