Can't turn around and say good bye

Before I start, I just need to say something.

I really love rumpled sheets. I don’t fold my blanket or tidy up my bed every morning when I woke up. I just don’t see the point of arranging it neatly and nicely when I’m really someone who loves her bed to bits. I will just snuggle in bed with Hearts or Allie when I feel like it and I just love how my bed absorb my heat and make it cozy and warm.

Anyway that’s not the point of this entry. Hahaha! I’m just inspired by the picture above. I’m like drawn to this picture when I first saw it k, totally love the look.

One fine day, I don’t know when, but surely, that day is going to happen. I am going to just take a day off from everything and just do whatever I want on my comfy cozy bed in my hypnotic bedroom. I am going to switch off my hp so I am uncontactable. I will prepare 2 reads with a cup of piping hot milo by the side of my bed which will prolly last me a good few hours. While reading, I will wait for whatever shows that I wanna watch to load on Nelly or just rent a few good DVDs for the particular day. I am going to pen in thoughts in my book, I will do a little bit of scrapbooking (think I need to get that small table in IKEA. its for bfast in bed! but will serve as a mini table just fine) and I will have light meals. I won’t leave my bed unless nature calls or I have to get the cutlery from my meals to the kitchen.

I will write letters to my future husband, future children (that is if any guy can stand my obnoxious character and is willing to be with me for the rest of his life), and to the future me 10 years down the road.

If I’m snuggling in with a lover, I will ask him to prepare a questionnaire of 20 random questions, likewise for me, and we will snuggle under the covers, lock legs, look at each other eyes and take turn to ask each other question. We will laugh, we will ponder and there will be comfortable silences.

Lisa Ono, Tom Waits, Zee Avi, Iron and Wine, Norah Jones and other evergreen oldies will be playing in the background from my trusty CD player. I will be singing along to the music if I happen to know the lyrics and my lover has no choice but to and will marvel at my wonderful singing. Hahahahaha. Cheap thrill.

I will bring out my photo albums and I will try my very best to explain what’s going on behind the scenes and what’s happening. It will be like he is there together with me.

I will be running my hand along his arm and his fingers will be twirling my hair.

Now, isn’t that wonderful.

But of course, if I have no lover to snuggle in with me, I’m perfectly fine with having some me-time as well! But having someone to do all these with you just double up the happyness in there isn’t it. :]

Oh wells.