I don’t believe memories can sustain one’s interest in another person for that long a period, no matter how interesting the person is, or how wonderful it is when they’re spending time tgt. So seriously, those drama they are showing on tv obviously is lying.Waiting for someone for years and years just because of ONE particular memory? To me that is just plain stupidity. But honestly, I don’t think in the real world, it can happen la ah.

On the contrary, I think pictures or anything left behind is just there to remind you of the fact that, you once enjoyed before, you once had fun with this particular person but yet now, don’t say have fun la pls, you are not even contacting each other. What’s once so cute and sweet suddenly seems cruel to you, or am I just being a very negative person (as usual)? Hmm.

Memories fade. The activities, conversation, whatever, they all fade together with it. And what’s left behind is just a huge big blur of mess. Be careful or else you will find yourself entangled in it.