It's Monday!

Yes, the long awaited short weekend is over yet again. Boo, and Monday is staring right at me. I don’t know for you, but this wave of lethargic-ness washed over me when I know that Monday is approaching, even more so when it’s here. Like damnnnnnnn, you’re here again?!

But it’s all about mindset right? YUP. It’s all up there in your brain man. So it’s really 开开心心也是过一天,不开心也是过一天, 就倒不如开心,对不对? Yeah man, positive! Must stay positive!

Let me think of the things I can look forward to today. Hmm.

Well, first thing first, I can see how phoebe cry whenever she just woke up and saw me cause she can’t recognise its me. Hhahaaha, that silly girl! EVERYTIME YOU KNOW! She will wailed and ran away from me but whenever she stepped into my classroom, she will be all smiles again. Haha! Show baby my new nail polish colour, that girl, she LOVES bright colours, or anything with colours. I’m serious. She was like caressing my nails on last monday can? And she stared at her own nails for the longest time, I bet she’s thinking, “now, when is mine going to be colourful?” haha!

I can get new ink for my printer after work, so I can get my work done ASAP. Now, that’s something to look forward to.I hate work hanging around, and you can’t complete it because of other factors!

Oho, can deposit my cheque, so my bank account can be healthy looking again.

Just be thankful, cause I’ve one more day to live in this beautiful world, a world that I’ve yet to explore.