Macau trip '09

Since my trusty old camera is spoilt, and there’s no pictures to upload, then I better pounce on this opportunity to clear all my old photos then shall I?!


haha! 😀

Am going to handpick a few of my fav. photos taken during my trip last year. Zomg. More than half a yr ago!

At the square of near the St. Paulo's cathedral. The couple in the foreground is just random strangers.

A shady tree for the old folks to chillax the day away. Niceee.

One of e reason why I heart Macau so much has definitely got to be the Architectures that they have! But when I was there, a lot of renovation work was going on so some of the buildings were being boarded up- like the one above.

Another nice one to add to the pile.

I like the way they present the road's names! So.. old school! It's written on tiles!

Posing posing in front of whatever's left with the Church. Love the perfect-blue sky!

Gotta love the post office that they have! It's red hot chilli in colour! Ain't it quaint?

Awwww. 😦 This sweet old lady was selling old school toys in the cold! Hidden away from the crowd, she was sitting on her small and rather uncomfortable wooden stool waiting for ppl to buy from her. Joey bought a few from her and I took this photo with her. She glady obliged and even held up whatever that she's selling with her trembling hands! Ah! Hate it to see elderly folks working! 😦 Heart wrenching. The second day I went back thinking to buy some food for her but I couldn't find her in the usual spot.

Tak glam to the max pur-lease.

St Paulo's Cathedral.

Ok, am going to end this post adruptly here. Will be back with more! 🙂