What intrigues you to get to know someone better?

Their looks? Their demeanour? Their little quirks?

But, that’s that, isn’t it?


I wonder what makes one interested enough in another human being to actually go up there and strike a conversation with the person. And how long can this initial interest sustain you? (Lucky you if you get to know the person in a more natural situation, like, through friends etc. Just makes it the more easier isn’t it?)

Not very long I would say, not even when he has the looks and bod of Hugh Jackman.

Good looks can only help you this far. The rest that will be doing the work will be your character, and everything of you that makes you, you. And you better make sure it’s pretty darn well if not it’s sayonara baby. If you only have good looks to help you to get to know people, then you better earn a lot so you can sustain your look through health supplements, gym membership and botox.

I don’t know what intrigues me.

So… what intrigues you?