Snug as a buggggg

The weather is crazily hot for the past few days/weeks/months.

But every single night, I’m snug as a bug! Because my sis and I will on the aircon (we spend so much on it, might as well right. haha!) and I will be damn jian cos actually I’m very bad with low temperature. Like I will be shivering, teeth chattering away kind.


I will be wearing my fleece chapbalang design pants and this pull on hoodie which Joey’s bro got for me from USA. I tell you! That thing is the most comfy, warmest thing ever. I sort of forgotten its existence (too many clothes) until ard 2 weeks ago when I was digging around my wardrobe to find something suitable to sleep, and ta-daaaaa. I found it!

I can perform an opera show with it cos its so huge. Wayang-ish.

And I will wear e hoodie to sleep cos it helps in keeping my ears warm.

Hahahahaha. Even my mum is jealous of it. She totally told me, “Wah ah girl… like so comfortable hor.”



Good PJs is impt for a good night sleep!