First Date

Just sharing my two cents worth. 🙂

It’s like a guide to first date for the clueless guys. It might not be accurate since it’s based entirely on my opinion but well, if you’re really desperate for any form of ideas/clues, I guess this will suffice la ah.

Things NOT to do for a  First Date:

  1. Not knowing where to go or what to do, and throw the question to the girl. Hello, ask people go out, still must ask them to think ah? Think it through yourself la! Don’t give excuses like, don’t know what is her preference etc etc. You should be communicating with her before the date and through the conversations, get to know her better. You should be able to know whether is she a more cafe chillax kind of person, or a funsy-play-sports all day long type of girl.
  2. Rushing her through the meal, hello, spell rude please.
  3. Being too touchy touchy. A lil is just fine, like holding her hand when walking through a crowded place or crossing the road. Putting your hand at her small back to ensure she won’t be engulfed by the throngs of people. But it’s a very subjective thing la k. Whats lil to me might not be lil for you. But the bottomline is, don’t make her feel uncomfortable.
  4. Complaining when she’s fashionably late. Dudeeeeeee. We girls have lots of preparation work to be done. If at the end of e day, she’s looking great, and you didn’t wait for more than half an hr, then just keep your mouth shut and commented on how pretty she looks. She will appreciate you for being so patient and yet being so nice about it, that she will feel slightly guilty, and I’m sure she will be nicer to you for the rest of the date. Trust me.
  5. Not sending her home. Need I say more? My advice is, make sure you’re free for the day so you can do what you should do. Rushing off to another place afterwards just make the whole situation feels like she’s just there to fill up this time slot. No chance for much interaction, no chance to really sit down, talk and enjoy the day.
  6. Going dutch. I know I know. The society now is about man and woman being equal, but going dutch ON the very FIRST date? Whoa, wrong move. But then again, that applies to me. Like my sis? She preferred going dutch. Again, very subjective thing.
  7. Keeping quiet. *crickets chirping* awwwwkwaaaard.
  8. Can’t think of anymore to add on- for now.

Any very jialat first dates scenario to share? 😀