Ironing Clothes

Every week, my sis and I will be taking turns to iron our daddy’s clothes. It’s always been this way as long as I can remember. I think starting from when I was 10 or 11. 12. Yep, my mum trained us up to be really independent children! (I messed up all e facts! hahaha! refer to my sis’s comment for details) in fact, my sis helped to iron my school uniform when she was in P4! When I reached P4, P6, then it’s my turn to start ironing my own clothes.

I used to grumble and whine (actually, I still do whine whenever I need to iron clothes, not because I don’t want to, but I think it’s so ley chey to do so! My clothes are normally crumpled and I don’t iron them unless it’s like kiam cai.) whenever it’s my turn to iron my dad’s clothes cause it will be like a huge extra workload!

But ever since P5, I learnt how to appreciate the fact that I got to iron daddy’s clothes every week.


Because, when I was 11 15, the company that my dad was working for actually closed down due to the recessiondragged his pay for so long that he has no choice but to leave, no point right, keep working then cannot get pay! Life was pretty hard back then for the family I supposed. My mum was working for my shi*tass relative and she was wayyyy underpaid for e amt of work she’s doing. Income in was lesser than the expenses. Big headache. Even though I’m young, I do sense the fact that yes, it’s a tough period for us. And during the period where he was staying at home looking for jobs, we don’t have to iron his clothes, at all.

And that’s when the first time where I really really wished that I would have to iron his clothes somehow because he will need to wear them for work! See how humans only tend to appreciate the not so glamorous stuff after something happened?

And thats what I will keep remind myself when I start to complain about the fact that I’ve to iron daddy’s clothes ever since then. Like later, I’m gg to wake up early, to iron his clothes before I leave for work, so he will have neatly pressed shirts for work for the whole week.


ps: no wonder I vaguely rmb wanting to go and work at 15 yrs old as a part timer in Sembawang CD shop, but I can’t rmb e reason why! NOW I KNOW. =_=