Busy like anything

It’s going to be a busy week for me, at least starting from tmr onwards. Or technically, today!

  • Open House at Just Kids
  • Get ready PPT slides for next saturday presentation at Bishan
  • Go through slides, make sure everything is inside my brain (urghh)
  • Write down observations for checklists- god, 30 of them.
  • Next thurs: Trial for another important centre (extremely stressed about this, maybe because of the fact that big shots are going to be present and we can’t and must not has a single glitch about it.)
  • Phuket’s accomodation must be done, cfm, chop.
  • Accomodation for the 2nd and 3rd stop of our trip must be researched as well. – joey, it’s all on you honey.
  • Itinerary for the trip – ok, joey’s gonna be in charge of this. don’t disappoint me ok boy! our trip is on you!
  • Essay- wrote finished one, think isn’t good enough, so writing another one!
  • Get everything ready for registration!
  • Invoices for next month must be done, printed, photocopied and given out before I leave for trip!
  • Staff schedule for the next 2 weeks also must be gone through before I fly.
  • Register myself and joey at MFA in case *choy* anything happen at Thailand.
  • Visit lynn for a session since I’m hitting e beach anyway.
  • Go get pills from the doc.
  • Go through slides, make sure everything in inside my brain. I know, i typed that already, but this one also impt, so must type twice!

ok, wish me luck! *crosses fingers and toes*