Do Carebears fly?

Because I had a dream last night, and I dreamt that my carebear plushie do. -__-

It works like as if its a broomstick, and I can sit on it and zooooooom! I am off to the clouds and beyond! Pretty fun actually. HAHAHAHAH! In e dream we’re having this competition and see whose “vehicle” can fly the fastest and Hearts is doing not too bad! I am like the first few- in fact I’m one of those that need to be looked out for. Totally with my face and the carebear plushie all over the huge LED screens kind.

Hearts was a lot bigger in the dream. and I can sit on its back and hold the arms to steer the direction. We’ve lots of obstacles to overcome and also we need to cover a pretty long distance. I nearly got killed by missiles as well. But I managed to dodge it all! WOOOOO! I was pretty zai in the dream. hahahah!

In my dream, we even had this ninja course to go through. Dreams are indeed opposite of reality, cause I was pretty athletic and breeze through everything with Hearts. 😀

But…. very funny leh. You know even thought Hearts is bigger in the dream, but I am still a grown up after all, so when we wanna take off, we will take quite some time to reach a certain height. Don’t knw whether is Hearts too small or I too heavy. hahahaha. I must use my legs and feet to do swimming/kicking actions to propel us upwards. hahahahah!

Very interesting. I always have such interesting dreams.