It’s been quite some time since I last experienced a really intense heartache. Those kind that really saddens you with the thought of it and if you do think more about it, you will feel like you’re about to cry. And sadly, I was reminded of the feeling yesterday at work, when I get to know that one of my fav boy in the class isn’t going to continue on with gym anymore, whats worse, he will be transferring school! So I can’t even get to see him in the centre anymore! 😦

Imagine when he walked into the classroom as per normal with his friends, like what he had done for the past 1 year, and I have to actually tell him that he is no longer in gym class? Awwwwww. He turned his huge eyes at me and was quiet for a while before saying “Ok..”

The class is always filled with laughter because of him, he is like our laughing bean.

I mean, I practically watch him grow from this timid lil boy who refused to do a forward roll, and even learnt how to hide behind my gym equipments and poked his head out and negotiate with us, “I d-d-d-don’t want do r-r-roll..” till able to execute a roll on his own so confidently. Awwww.

When I asked for a goodbye hug from him, he hugged me, with his small hands on my arms, and was very quiet. I held on a little bit longer than usual and he allowed me to.

Awww, JL, Aunty W is going to miss you. Very, very, very much. 😦