Too much Ben 10

So.. I was doing some exercise with my older age group today and I appointed J as my assistant leader. I can’t leave him amongst his friends, he will either disturb his friends, disturb his friends or disturb his friends. So yeap, I tried using this method before and it was quite useful, he isn’t a naughty kid or whatever, he’s just a very intelligent boy and is always constantly on the move, be it his mouth or his limbs.

So the class was rowdy halfway so I just looked at him and said,

“Hey assistant leader! Look at your friends. How am I supposed to continue on with my class?”

And do you know what he did? He walked in front to one of his friend who is the nearest to him, and one of the loudest noise generator and went,

“Keep quiet. You want me to torture you?”



He then walked over to another boy and said,

“Keep quiet! You want me to slice you into half? *inserts slicing action*”

Thereafter I stopped him, said the necessary things (that’s not the right thing to say etcetcetc) and proceed on with my class. I have to admit, the way he said it was actually very funny, but NO! the things he’s saying is too violent for a kid at his age!

See? Let your kids watch more of the violent cartoons la.