I stepped out of the toilet, all clad in my gym uniform and walked towards the classroom, intending to get ready for my gymkidz class later on. I walked past my boys and was a few steps ahead of them.

I turned around, greeted the kids, when someone at the bottom far left corner caught my eye.

I looked down, and with his dark wavy cropped hair, mesmerizing eyes and cute button nose, he’s perfect.. if let’s say I am 17 years younger. HAHA! He asked me a question, which I didn’t catch and I bend down so I can catch his question this time round when he asked.

And in the most gentle voice ever,

“Aunty W, can I smell you?”

Now now now, I know what you’re thinking, you must be thinking what sort of a question or request is that?! BUT! This is a 5 year old boy we’re talking about here, it’s really something that he just wish to do and he is really just popping a really innocent question; he wants my permission.

Me: “Okay… but why?”

“Cause you smell very nice..”

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Someone noticed my bodymist huh. Cute much?! The joy of working with kids, something you will grow to love once you’ve experienced it. 🙂