I’ve just finished watching Glee Season 1 yesterday night with Joey and am now suffering some withdrawal symptoms.


I really love this show! Music, high school drama, cute Mr Schuster, seriously, I couldn’t ask for more.

Finn and Rachel.

Joey says that sometimes the way I talk is like Rachel Berry, talk very fast, or will say our own bad points then in the end, we will finish it off with a “BUT..” plus our good points. HAHAHAH. Oh yes, I do speak like that to him sometimes. Lea Michele’s voice managed to send down ripples of shivers down my spine many times when she’s performing. Like for Defying Gravity, or during the Journey Medley. Woot! But oh well, she’s a Broadway singer, I guess it’s only right that she can perform so well, and that she’s the star of Glee club.

Mercedez. The loud girl with the good heart- I love her voice too! And her attitude.

Kurt! (sorry la, I couldn’t find a small picture) He’s a gay in the show, a gay in real life, and he’s only 19. He’s no previous experiences in performing whatsoever but he’s quite a stunner in the show. I love his wicked sense of humour, his moisturizing routine (haha!) and his sense of fashion. Lurrrrve it! Oh yea, he’s BF with Mercedez in the show. But in real life, he is BFF with Quinn, ex-captain of Cheerios and Finn’s ex gf.

Tina and Artie! A couple in the show also.

So funny. Do you know that before the start of Glee, they were being sent for dance practices for the choreography and whats not. The instructor was really happy to see at least an experienced dancer in the name list (Artie) but turns out, he is sitting on a wheelchair. Oh I youtube behind the scenes and stuff like that. I’m a Gleek. 😀


WOOHOOOO! I totally love him. He can sing, teach and dance. I bet he is a good kisser too. Whats there not to love about him? HAHA! He has a hot bod to boot ok! And a Broadway singer. Loving him please. And he’s only 31. Finally the man I like is nearing my age, not so much, but it’s definitely better than Hugh Jackman or Robert Downey Jr!