Happy Lemon!

Guess what’s this?

It’s BUBBLETEA! From Hong-fantastic-Kong.

With all the hoo-ha and craze circling KOI, I’m sure sometimes you will feel the same as me.

That even though you will kill to have a cup of good bbt right now, but just one look at the snaking queue is enough to put you off. Or, you simply don’t have so much time to queue and wait for just one cup of bubbletea!

That’s what exactly happened say, 2 weeks back? I asked Alan to go and get a cup of KOI from his workplace (Outram) and he said the queue is forever too long and so he introduced this bubbletea to me. I tried the tea latte with pearls and I do think it’s not bad- at least it’s comparable with KOI imho.

You can add other whatsnot in your drink as well, like pudding, mini pearls, aloe vera, nata de coco etc. But of course, need money la.

Apparently Happy Lemon has more than 100 outlets spread across Hong Kong and China and Singapore is it’s first stop in SEasia!

Go and grab a cup and give it a try next time when you’re in ION basement 4. Where all the food gathers.