Living out of a suitcase

 My dream is to visit the world, one stop at a time. I wonder how cool it’ll be to live out of a suitcase? To just pack up and go after picking out the next destination through a game of darts? To couch surf, and get to know the local people. To work in a farm and just sit by and enjoy a smoothie with a slanting sunset as the view. Pick out fresh fruits and bake a fruit tart with it. Do crazy things, just be, or just do nothing at all.

That would be so so so, very nice. 🙂

I’m planning to make my dream into a reality, one step at a time, I don’t even know whether it’s gg to succeed or not. But I won’t know for sure. Not so soon, at least a few good more yrs to come. There’ll be sacrifices to be made, like, having a family of my own within e few yrs is quite out of e qn, I won’t have a high flying career (which high flying career allows you to jet off to some random country on a whim with not a care in e world?) definitely. And family, yes. This is the real tricky part. Hmm.

But well, Life is short. And we really really only get to live once, don’t we?

“Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing all the answers. You don’t have to always know who you are. You don’t have to have the big picture, or know where you’re heading. Sometimes it’s enough just to know what you’re going to do next.”