64 days

Credits to Charlotte for taking this picture behind our backs! Literally!

And sooo.

He’s away for his study trip to the UK for 9 freaking weeks, which amounts to 64 days. He left last night at around 10pm and no surprise, I teared a little. I wish his hug was longer, it was tighter. I wish he kissed me on the lips instead of the forehead (I know what he’s going to say, he’s going to say he’s paiseh!) . I wished for many things, but didn’t get any, but instead I received others in return.

Like how he just gave me a call from UK. :]  It’s 4pm over there and he’s enjoying the life by visiting this hugeass museum and the weather over there is a breezy 16deg. I bombarded him with many questions and I’m smiling to myself like a goon. He is being his usual quiet self over the phone but I guess for the first time ever, (or maybe not the first, but one of the rare moments) I appreciate the silence and I kind of missed it.

He just made my night. :]

Good night.