Love Tag

So last night, he finally got online in his campus! It’s 10+pm over at our side and an early noon over at his side. Like, oh goshhhhh finally we can Skype or something!

(but anyway, the images were sucky. It’s blurry and our features are smoothened around the edge. But I can still see his eyes, nose, whatever so no complains there!)

He then showed me something which he brought along to the trip. It’s a heart shape wooden tag with glittering “I ❤ U" on it done by yours truly. Lying inside this mesh pouch with confettish hearts. Both are items which I've given him pretty much long ago. Like 3 yrs ago at least? Esp e wooden tag! It's given to him 3 months into our budding-then relationship.

So imagine how touched I was to know that he brought that along with him to his study trip! :] my mouth was shaped into a perfect O when he showed me through webcam.

Me: "do you missssss me?"

Him: " *show me something through webcam* "

Me: "what's that? *image became clearer* OHHH!!! you brought that along?!"

Sweet boy.

I actually took a pic of it with him holding it but I've no idea where is has gone to so I'm using his face as a substitute.