Funny how when we were kids, we tried all ways and means just to drag our bedtime by that half an hour to an hour. Staying up late to catch the 10pm shows were so goddamn cool. Discussing about it with your friends in school made the whole experience even more fun.

But when we are older, we tried all ways and means just to prolong our sleep time- even by 5 more minutes we’re also happy with it. “5 more mins pls!” Sounds familiar? Or how we set our alarm clock to weird timing such as 7.37am just so we can have that extra 2 minutes of sleep. Sleep is so precious.

Perhaps the reason why we need to sleep so much since we are born is because of the fact that our dear parents know whats in it for us when we grow up. They knew that we are going to be drowning in homework, projects, work, meetings and the evil cycle repeats. Eyebags, lack of sleep, caffeine are all gonna be our BFFs from the age of 15 or even younger. They knew that its going to happen. And thats why they always wanted us to sleep early when we were young. Hor?

Sleep is so important to me. I’m going to sleep now. G’night.