Simple day made special

She’s a childhood friend of mine, Serene.

She stays just a road across from mine and we used to walk to our primary school tgt.

We’re the complete opposites when you judge us on our looks and she’s always complaining on how youthful I look, making her seems as if she’s much older than me.

We grew up, lose contact but somehow manage to find each other again.

I guess the magic about an old friend is, they seems to be able to fit in seamlessly without much effort. Like there’s always a spot reserved for them somewhere, somehow.

An awesome brunch at a beautiful place. Food won’t be the best compared to other brunch places, but the ambience is nice and the staff are friendly, always on smiles and helpful. It’s called Epicurious and its located at The Rail Mall along Bukit Timah if you’re curious where the place is.

Grab a lover, a friend, your family or just by yourself. We need to pamper ourselves once in a while. 🙂