7 days late

I’ve wanted to do a “Goodbye 2010; what I’ve been up to this yr” post on the last day of 2010. But. I’ve yet to renew my domain (WP works in such a way that you buy this domain and depending on how many years you’ve bought it, you’ll have to renew it constantly or else you can’t blog in that particular domain again) and I was contemplating whether should I even renew it since I don’t really blog often anyways.

But my two true ardent fans, none other than a certain Mr Tay and Miss Leow encouraged me to continue on as sometimes the gibberish thoughts that I posted down are deemed as “inspiring” and “good content” respectively to them. Such sweet and kind words from them. And so, I renew the domain on an impulse, on the 7th day of a brand new 2011.

I’m not really a huge fan of my own 2010 so I’ll skip through the whole summarising thing which everyone seems to have done. I’m glad 2011 is here and I might be too quick to judge, but 2011 seems to be starting on a sweet note and continuing on thus far. I’ve great plans for my future and cross both my fingers and toes everything’s gonna work out fine and dandy if not I’m gg to be thrown off the tracks and I’ll be godamn fcuking lost.

I’ve officially given up on the hope of setting new year resolutions.

No need for resolutions, I want a change, I’ll make it happen. No matter what time of the year. It’s more of an on going thing rather than a start of the year thing.

This post is really nonsense but it feels soooo great to be just typing and typing and knowing that its damn fine to do it cause its your turf.

K thanks bye.