Oh, Sims, how I love you so.

This whole post was entirely triggered by one of Jayden’s tweets; of how he created a Sims character to very close resemblance of someone he knew.

I totally did that when I was in secondary school.. all the way till my poly years I guess.

But I did that not because I’m obsessed with them in the fan girl kind of way. Its completely opposite. I hated them, I dislike them and I wish I could do something to them but obviously I can’t, so I resort to this method.

I will re-create the Sims character to the closest resemblance of them I could get, named it after the person. Then I’ll just build a very small space, with absolutely no windows nor doors. I’ll proceed to fill the place up with fireplace and wooden chairs.

Then I’ll fast fwd that miserable twerp’s life until one of the wooden chair caught fire.

I’ll then play it in the normal speed. And see how the flames of the fire spread very quickly to everywhere.

No doors, so no fire engine can come in and the person can’t escape.

Horrible screams ensue and the person’s dead.

Sometimes I’ll stop but sometimes I continue creating the same character over and over again until I feel appeased.

Hahahaha shit I think I sounded like some psycho here but I think its much better than taking a parang and slashing people on the streets. I’m not sick in the mind, I was just trying to unleash unhappiness towards some people in a very virtual worldish kind of way.