January: Life in Instagram

First working day of a then brand new 2011. Taken in my living room.

See how wonderfully beautiful our sky is? πŸ™‚ Do rmb to lift up your head once in a while to check out these beautiful scenes around you! Location when the pictures were taken (in order): 1. Waiting at the traffic light near my place 2. Walking towards a bus stop in Clementi 3. Walking towards CCK sports stadium during evening time.

Yes, if you don’t know yet, I’m quite hooked to Street Fighter! And I always and only use Chun Li! Hiyah!

I don’t know about you but I superduper love ah pek ice cream. Love how the uncle tied everything tgt; the cups and the cones. Love the orange plastic spoons sticking out of the contrainer. Taken just outside Cathay, while waiting for Jasmine & Mark!

Ditch all tako stalls in Singapore! Head to Iluma for real yumtums takopachi! Taken at Iluma.

I love the old school red tiles and my red nails. It was a rainy afternoon. Taken at Blk 252’s bus stop.

Yummylicious ramen at affordable price. But I didn’t had much though, I was nursing a sick stomach then, if there’s such a thing as sick stomach! Hahahah! Taken at Ken’s Noodle House at Orchard Plaza.

I’ve got an awesome dad. He’s the electrician, carpenter and basically Mr know-it-all around the household. I told him I wanted a make shift book shelf and without another word, he went to the storeroom and got some boards as well as his handydandy tool box. Within an hr later, ta-da. I’ve got this. πŸ™‚ Taken in my room, the space just above my computer desk.

I think it’s one of my happiest Sundays ever for this whole month. Read through the letter with trembling hands, then squealed and yelped with delight after knowing I’m in. I know many people go to degree courses just because they have to. But its really different if this is a choice you’ve made.. and waited so long for. Taken in my kitchen, before having my breakfast.

A hiao night. Wore my killer heels out to town. Oh gawwwwdddd. You see, here’s the thing. Whenever I’m wearing my heels out, I’ll regret it a hell lot when my feet starts to hurt. BUT. If I leave my heels in my shoe rack, I’ll always be eyeing it with longing and wondering when can I wear them out again. I KNOW RIGHT. WOMEN. TSK. Or is it just me? Taken in Uncle Michael’s car.

I pulled a muscle in my cardiomix class and I jokingly told him I need a yokoyoko delivery and guess what? Hahaha yea, you know la with this picture. πŸ™‚ My yokoyoko delivery man! Taken in my living room. (I purposely asked him to stay there till I took this pic. Haha!)

Polaroids are LOVE. Feel like getting one since 2 yrs ago! But didn’t cause of the exp films. 😦 Boo! (Anyway, before we took the photo. That Joey Tay happily accidentally brushed the strap of my dress off my shoulder and exposed (half of) my bra to the whole wide world to see. I’M NOT KIDDING. I screamed and pulled it back up; happened so fast I can’t even think! =_=) Taken at PlayNation.

Sitting by the stone steps at Clark Quay enjoying ah pek ice cream. We were, or rather, he was, seeking inspiration for his major project and we became tourists in our own city. Serious, a TOURIST even offered to help take a photo for us. Haha! Pardon my horrible complexion and his distracting pouty lips.

Spring cleaning today and daddy found a pouch filled with arcade tickets. Rolls and rolls of it. I’ve no idea why my mummy didn’t exchange it for gifts for us. But its so nostalgic looking at them. I rmb mummy bringing my sister and I to the Jurong East Entertainment Centre’s arcade to play. Its so long ago the place doesn’t even exist anymore. See how my parents try to give the best to my sis and I? πŸ™‚ Anyway, I kept all of the tickets and Joey and I are trying to transform them into something useful like a file or something. Too old school to be thrown! Taken on the IKEA box, in my room.

My dad’s IC when he was young! Anyway, the quality damn cui. It’s like a piece of laminated paper! Haha! Spring cleaning is so fun when you unearthed so many things from the past! πŸ™‚ Handsome leh my daddy I think.

I left my wallet in his bag and forgotten about it. He came to return it to me the next day. Was arranging my notes in the wallet when I found this note stuck in it. He rarely do this kind of thing now! Taken in the MRT.

Just thought of summarizing a month with the photos I took with Instagram. πŸ™‚