I can’t think of a title, so 9.44pm

I was walking back from Chinese Garden, dragging my tired fatass home after a grueling but supremely satisfying cardiomix class, thinking about the aches I’ll feel in my legs and arms come tmr morning and relishing at the thought of it. (I just love the after-workout-aches la!) When I wondered why exactly I joined Bhangra Aerobics in the first place but still feel good at the end of the session even though its a very low intensity workout imho. And I’m not the type that digs low intensity, bring on the pain man!

I guess its because its a very fun class to begin with. Its not the conventional workout session you’ll normally get; no upbeat club music playing in the background, but its Bollywood all the way, baby. I get to practice my eye-hand-feet coordination which btw is extremely rusty and you should see the way I go, looking like a fumbling baboon in a ballroom. Its the way how participants will just exchange looks and smiles with each other when we caught each other’s reflection in the hugeass mirror because admit it, we really look ridiculous doing all the funny funny Bollywood dance moves. We just can’t do it as nicely as the instructor la!

Its an hour where we as grown up, an adult, can be silly and do silly actions because its required. No inhibitions, no need to worry whether will people think you’re a nutcase cause everyone is doing the same thing. Its ok to do the wrong move, its ok to fumble and laugh, its ok to go dancing into another group (hahahahahaha, dont remind me!) by mistake, its ok!!!

I guess we all need an outlet for us to release that kind of pent up restrictions we feel almost everyday. And for me, every Friday at 7.30pm I get to do that. I guess thats why I still feel good at the end of a session. Its a different kind of good. 🙂