The old granny

I was walking past Bishan bus interchange on Tuesday at around 2ishpm when I saw an old granny, sitting on her wheelchair, selling some knick knacks which were organised in a clear tray, placed on her lap. A few secondary school girls were crowding around her to prolly buy some items from her. I wished to stop and take a look but I was in a rush so I didn’t.

Nearly 4 hours later, when I’m making my way to Bishan’s MRT station, I saw the old granny still at that exact same spot where I last saw her. During that 4 hours, the rain didn’t let up, it was raining cats and dogs that day. Imagine sitting in that exact same spot, not able to do much but basically just waiting for people to come up to you on a cold and rainy day. How long are you able to do that?

I bought this keychain from her and while I was choosing it, she tried to make small talk with me in freaking ENGLISH. I was impressed, how not to when she looks like she’s already in her eighties? I spoke to her in dialect and realised that she’s a teochew and she handmade all the keychains herself to sell it. When I asked her whether she finds it tiring to do so, she said no and even explained to me that its actually easy to do it with a template to follow. From our short conversation, I realised she’s literally toothless as well.

She’s in her freaking eighties and yetdon’t yo she’s so independent. Handmaking items to sell it to prolly add more allowance for her daily spendings (I guess).. don’t you find that kind of spirit just beautiful and so worthy of encouragement from people? And we have able bodied youngsters out there in our society, complaining endlessly about having no $ to spend and not giving a hoot to think of ideas on how to support themselves. All they know is to open their mouth and complain or whine… expecting $ to drop down from the sky.

The old granny is an amputee. And yet she can show such a strong will to support herself.

Seriously, what are you young people complaining about?