Hey, IMY. Lets meet…. Or not.

Just something that I’ve observed.. in my circle of friends. Be it towards me, or my friends towards their friends, whatever, bottomline, towards a human being.

You know how there are some people who’re always claiming that they miss you and that “we should really hang out soon!” and when you agree with them, they don’t really bother following up by setting a date? Don’t say setting a date, but something basic like just exchanging information with each other on what you’ve been up to these days- nada, not even a single beep from them. Or the sort whereby if you’re asking them when they will be free for a meet up, they’re never ever or hardly free.  It seems like they’re always tied up with something, with work, studies, family, other gathering with friends and the list can just goes on and on.

So what happen? Nothing is ever done, you never actually meet up with those friends. You eventually give up asking them out cause its such a tiresome and fruitless process. Thus, you don’t really give a sh*t no more. Cause admit it, it’s really a tiring process.

But I was just thinking.. were they lying when they said that they miss you? I don’t think so. I think somewhere inside them, they really do miss you. Its just that they’ve other people to miss, to keep in contact with as well. (Like a varying degree of missing, ya know?) It’s really just something as simple as whether are you important to them.. because if you are, I guess no matter what they are going to squeeze in a slot just for you. Perhaps it will take some time for them to arrange, but eventually, it’ll get there. You are gonna meet!

So I guess it all boils down to setting the “priorities” right, eh?