That caress ; the kiss on the neck

I’m all hooked up with watching Ugly Betty right now and I’ve just finished S3. For all the U.Bettyians out there you’ll know that that’s the season where Daniel Meade met Molly (who’s a cancer patient, died in e end, tragic.) and they got married. Daniel moved over to her apartment to take care of her and basically just to spend as much time as they could. Aww.

So anyway, there were a few scenes which I think is really quite sweet. There’s nothing over the top about it, all very normal scenes with normal actions and words exchanged. But because its so simple, its very believable to me. I would love married life if thats the case.

Crawling over to tease the husband just so you can steal a few kisses from him before he continues on with his work, having a candlelit lunch because you know he’s having a bad day in the office, waking up to see your beloved’s face the first thing in the morning, dropping lil kisses along his features to wake him (what a great morning call isnt itttttt) and so on and so forth..

That touch, that look and the smile. Aww.

Yes, that will be fabulous.