April! (& a lil bit of others)

Gosh, is it just me or is time passing wayyyy faster than it should be for this year? It seems like not long ago we were still getting ready for CNY.


I’m really looking forward to April! I’ve a couple of things to look forward to for this month and they are namely The Lion King Musical on 13th and my BKK trip with the family on 30th! It’s going to my first time to a musical so I’m pretty stoked about it. Not to mention also my first time to BKK! I’ve been curbing my online shopping by a lot and the mantra that’s in my head when I saw something that I like is,

“I’m sure you can go BKK’s Platinum Mall and get it for less than half the price!”

And it’s working like magic. Ah-ha!

A few things I wanna get it done for this month.

  • find a clinic that accepts medisave and get my vaccine jabs done already! 23 this yr, not many yrs left to waste.
  • go get my teeth check.. and find a new dentist.
  • lose 2 kg. no idea how.. but I’ve lose some weight in compared to like feb. so I guess all that cardiomix, yoga & aerobics classes are working for me huh? 😉
  • go enroll myself in a new class since my aerobics class is ending soon. looking at either ABT/body sculpt/kickboxing.

Seems like it’s only a few but I’m a huge procrastinator when it comes to doing things on my own. Especially when I don’t write it down somewhere to remind me. Like the first 2 points? It’s been on my mind since last yr Oct I think. And  rmb telling myself,

“it’s ok.. get it done before Xmas..”

“it’s ok.. get it done before CNY..”

So yeah. Enough of procrastination, tyvm.

I guess from now till June is going to be a huge transition period for me. I feel like I’m fairly well prepared for it but ah.. you never know whats gonna happen next and how I’m gonna feel etc but I just hope things are all going to be ok for all of us.

On a sidenote, I can’t wait for school to start! 17 June! It’s on a Friday. How weird.


I’ve a list of places in Singapore I wanna check it out / revisit. Mainly cafes, good brunch places. Yeah, I guess I’m quite a chillax person after work. Maybe will post it up someday. Hmmm.