Am lying on the bed with my Beauty Diary’s bird nest mask on. (shiokness) Talking to Joey about random stuff and again I asked him how does he behave when he’s with other girls. My qn to him was, does he hold his girl friend’s hand if they were tipsy?

He told me no immediately and then continued on with, “my friends don’t drink much.”

(walao makes me feel like I’m some 酒鬼。)

Don’t get me wrong, I love a Gentleman. You’ve no idea how much i love them. In fact that will be one of the main characteristic that will attract me to a guy. There’s this old rustic charm in them. I like the way they will offer to carry the things for you. Or the way they will pull open a door and wait for you to enter/exit a place first. Sending you to your doorstep to ensure that you get home safely is sweet as well. Its the feeling that they exudes, the kind that makes a woman feel that, as long as this man is here, I’m being well taken care of. So to me, ensuring that the girl doesn’t fall is another gentlemanly action as well.


Call me selfish but I wouldn’t want my lover to be a full fledge gentleman to every other girls. He can still be nice, but keep the niceness to a suitable level for friends. Don’t go sending everyone home after an outing, unless it’s for some special circumstances. Or to offer to cut up the steak for them. I think I’ll be seething with jealousy when it happens. I think la. I don’t know cause Joey is not the kind. Thankfully though. Haha! I wouldn’t want to come off as an overly possessive gf.

Ok, face mask time done. Ta-ta.