Advantages of being petite

I know I know.. Petite is just a nice way of saying that I’m short. But honestly, my height has never been an issue with me. On the contrary, I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I’m just 1.53-1.55m tall. There are just so many perks when you’re short. Where do I even start?

1. When you’re short and small sized, people have this idea that you’re this frail little being who needs taking care of. They will offer to carry all the heavy stuff for you without you asking them to. But am I really thatttttt weak? No, of course not. But am I complaining of this misconception? No, sire!

2. You just look younger than your actual age. Up till now, I’m still being asked to check my IC when I’m watching a NC16 show. Not all the time, but yes, there are still people out there who thinks that I’m below 16. I’m 23 now, which makes a 7 years difference! Woohoo!

3. With you looking younger, you get to “enjoy” student rates for all sorts of stuff if they couldn’t be bothered to check your student pass. It all depends whether you’re willing to take the risk. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But when I do claim that I’m a student, no one really bothers to ask for my student pass. Haha!

4. Wearing a 4inch high heels without sticking out like a sore thumb. Need I say more?

5. Versatility in wearing clothes. Suddenly a big top can become a dress. If you wanna transform it into a top, just fold it in. Wearing dresses without it being too short on you. I know sometimes we have to alter it and make it shorter. But hey, at least when it’s too long you get to alter. If it’s too short you can’t even buy it ok! Well I suppose you can get it and wear it as a long top?

6. Shopping in kids’ department!!! Like Zara, Old Navy and the likes. I’ve a couple of their clothes in kids size. Take that, tall people! I’m getting their clothes at almost half the price you’re paying!

7. Weaving through the crowd with ease. Smaller size, easier to go through the space in between each person. I’m a master in walking quickly in a crowd! Weave weave weave!

8. You get to date the tall guys.. and the not so tall ones as well. 😉 Hellooooo talk about advantages! HAHAHA! This must be one of the best, seriously. I’m sure 80% of the tall and lanky ladies out there wouldn’t wanna bend down and kiss their Prince Charming on his head, ya? And with me being so short petite, I seriously can hardly find any guy who’s shorter than me.