Eeee. I hate these people.

Seriously. If you take a look at these pictures you’ll secretly hate them too. Esp when you’re obsessed with your weight and body, trying your best to achieve that healthy toned body that you’ve been dreaming so long for! All of the pictures have one thing in common, the ladies all have wonderful abs.



Ali Larter. For Heroes fans, you won’t find her unfamiliar. Gosh, how long & lean can someone be?!? And I love how her abs are not bulging out yet the lines defining the abs can clearly be seen.

Ashley Tisdale. Well, I didn’t know she has such a toned body! She isn’t exactly very slim in prints (which probably mean she will look just nice in real life) but I think her body is very healthy looking! No bones sticking out. And yes, abs. Le sigh. Very difficult to train the sides one hor!

Vannessa Hudgens! CRAZY! GOING TO BE 6 PECS SOON. A bit too manly this one.

Grace Park! I’ve been watching Hawaii 5-0, a new series that I’m currently hooked on. And I was totally in shock when Joey told me she’s in her thirties. So I went to Wikipedia and holy molly! She’s not just into her thirties, SHE’S ALREADY FREAKING 37. HELLO. 37. AND LOOKING LIKE THIS. THE WORLD IS UNFAIR. I loveeee her bod man. Super lean and muscular but not masculine looking at all. Sigh.

And this Jennifer Aniston. 42 ALREADY OKAY. Look at her washboard abs. She credits her hot bod to yoga anyway. I think I’ll need to sign mysef up for a few more yoga classes.

My fav has gotta be Grace Park. Very lean and taut body. Skinny but with muscles. Hard to achieve okay! Hahahah! Lets be inspired by these beautiful and strong ladies! And start working out! *determined look* I shall hit the pool tmr!!!!!!