Lion King : The Musical

I was absolutely stooooked for this muscial ever since I bought the tickets for the show on 13th April, which was on Wednesday! And it didn’t disappoints!

My full review below! 🙂

Joey & I rushed through dinner just to ensure that we’re not going to be late and luckily we’re not. If not we’re going to miss one of the best acts of the show. Their opening, Circle of Life blew me away (and I’m sure for the rest of the audience as well!) Chills were running down my spine (in a good way) just by listening to that first sentence that burst out (too powerful already the singing omg) of Rafiki’s, the baboon’s mouth. And afterwards its surprises after surprises when animals started walking to the centre of the stage, with some even appearing at various parts of the theatre! Talk about being near to the audience!!

A very old video of the muscial’s opening.

I’ve this very strong urge to stand up and clap for the actors by that point of time. Like seriously, the urge is damn strong, no kidding. I was scanning the stage from left to right, trying my best to drink in as much details as I could. It’s quite a feat actually because there were so many animals on stage and for each animal, the masks, paintings, costumes that they used are different so as to better portray the movement and characteristic of each! My eyes were feeling a tad teary as well, I’m moved by beautiful moments!

The opening: the sun slowly rises and the animals came walking in accompanied with the wonderful singing of Rafiki. My sister damn funny. She said she had this urge to cry when she saw the giraffes. LOL.

LOOK AT IT. JUST LOOK AT IT. THE ANIMALS SEEMS REAL ISN’T IT?! Animal kingdom rejoicing the birth of Simba! My sis and I said that the opening is worth like more than half of the tix price already. So pls, if you’re planning to catch this show. DON’T BE LATE.

From the props used for this show, you can see that this is one show that requires lots of behind-the-scenes work. They used masks, costumes, puppetry, paintings, statues and a list of others which I’m sure I’ve missed out anyway for the acts. I’m especially intrigued by the mechanism behind Mafusa’s and Scar’s masks. When they were in the middle of a heated argument and both of them crouch down low imitating the movement of the beast ready to attack, their masks actually moved forward and damn! It really seems like two lions are getting ready to battle it out! Damn amazing I tell you!

SEE! I went to search for this picture to prove my point. I wonder how they make the masks move as freely as they did. I was reading through the behind-the-scenes work and they said they created Mafusa’s mask in a round shape with a serene expression and his mane shining out like rays of sunlight to portray his kindness and Scar’s is just messy and not in symmetry, with spikes for a mane to show the dark side of him.

The lady who designed the costumes for the animals purposely exposed the human beings behind the masks so that the audience is allowed to use their imagination when they’re watching the musical as well!

Zazu, Joey’s fav character in the show.

Timon & Pumba! The comedians for the show! (Well actually Scar & Zazu are pretty funny as well, but in a different kinda way. I quite like Scar’s humor though! Dark humor. ha!) Love the chemistry between this pair and most importantly, they brought laughter to us! They were the ones who received the loudest claps and whistles at the end of the show as well. I guess Singaporeans loves a good laugh eh? One of my fav as well.

Rafiki the baboon! Although it’s a male in the cartoon version, I don’t why all of the actors for the muscial are all female! Anyway, I’ve no idea whether is this the same woman in the Singapore’s show cause there’re so many of them! But just to let you see the costume and face painting! My sis and I loveeeee her cause of the awesome opening that she’s able to pull off.

Simba. My sister thinks that he’s handsome. Anyway this Simba is different from the Simba in Singapore. But I’ve no idea why they’re using his face for the poster. OH! I went on a crazy wikipedia spree the next day after I’ve watched the musical and I found out that the original Broadway actor/singer for Simba actually committed suicide at the age of 28 in 2004.  Tragic.

If you’re contemplating on whether you should catch this show, pls stop thinking about it, click Sistic’s website and book yourself a ticket to catch this wonderful show. It’s been dubbed the best Disney Musical of all times and with this kind of title, how is it even possible that it’s gonna disappoint you?

As the whole theatre is pretty small, I would suggest that you can take the $125 category. Its in the middle of the theatre and you can have a full view of the stage. I took that category and got middle seats as well. Quite awesome I would say. I think those who buy the fron row seats are gonna curse and swear cause they will have to crane their necks to see whats going on up there on the stage! Pay so much just to get a pain in the neck.

Lion King Musical is indeed a show for everyone, from 3 yrs old – 93 yrs old. I’m sure everyone can find something that they can relate to and to love for the show. I saw quite a number of young children on that day as well, like from 3-7 yrs old. The show is able to transport you to Africa for that few brief hours and let you experience the vigour and beauty of it. Lovely, really lovely.

Won’t regret catching this show! 🙂