You’re you.

I love to be sitting besides him in the car.

In the past, when I asked him out for dates, he’ll just tell me very plainly either he can or cannot make it. He won’t bother to suggest another day to make up for it. But for the past few months & more, he will. 🙂 He has learnt not to take things for granted anymore. I hope.

I dropped him a last min msg ytd, asking him to come WM to find me so we can have Udders tgt. He couldn’t make it cause he’s busy with his FYP but in his message he asked, “how about tmr? :)”

I love ice cream dates. Its the best combination of some of the loveliest things in the world. Going on a date and ice cream. Haha, nvm, it maybe just me. But I like to savour something I love with someone I love. 🙂 Not just him, even with my friends. I love it when they’re as enthu as I am when it comes to ice cream.

By the way, their cookies&cream is madddd awesome anddddd a pint is waiting for me in my fridge.

Him playing a game even though I’m with him. His bad habit. But I do it too so I guess we’re fair. I’m trying to cut down on it though. He’ve his own quirks & actions which irks me but he’ve his fair share of sweet gestures that can melt my heart. Sometimes I’ve no idea on what to do with him. He pissed me off then he makes me laugh again. I think he’s manipulating me. Haha!

My date for tonight. Thank you. 🙂