Tinglies in the silly place

21 April ; a lovely albeit short meet up with the polymates. It’s actually a celebration (of sorts) for Izzy’s birthday. But our clique always have the habit of dragging birthdays celebration till a week or two later due to the busy&different schedules we’ve and in the end, it will be just a meet up of sort with all of them. No complains, no hard feelings. We are just more than happy to be spending time tgt, having a roaring good time.

Just like the good ol’days when we’re in lectures/tutorials. They’re the ones who’ve made my poly life (and my life, in general) so much livelier. xoxo.

[ all photos taken by fisheye lomo camera ]

I literally burst out laughing when I was looking through the photos. Ah gosh, our dearest Izzy. Anyway she’s damn bastard. She set a theme for the night, floral & shades and in the end she didn’t turn up with anything floral. Turned up in a peach top with lots of weird drawings on it, insisted that this look-alike sun is a flower. =_=

Jasmine, the one who sort of round us all up together on our orientation day.

Jeanette. It’s always hard to take a photo of her. She will always be like, “go away! go away!” Hahaha!

Girlfriend & Boyfriend.

I’m decked in floral from head to toe okay! FLORAL JUMPSUIT HOR.

Jeanette wanna stay sane and not be goofheads like us. But I find this picture cute. All crazy with the shades- indoor and at night. Hahahaha.

And we ended the night with Starbucks.