Those lazy days when you watch tons of movies

Well, the title says it all.


So I’m kinda having a break before my school starts in June and boyyyyy. Am I ever embracing it. What to do with all the time that I’ve in my hands now? Time that is just for me? I reckon I could indulge a little in one of my guilty pleasures- being a couch potato and watch tons of movies. Uh huh, I’m a movie junkie through & through.

And so I did. Incessantly, in fact. Partly because of that fact that Funshion now don’t have Glee, Fringe, Mentalist and Gossip Girls, I’ve none of my USA drama serials to catch up on. boohoo 😦

And here’s the list of movies which I’ve watched over the past few days.

The only reason why I’m watching this movie is cause of the male lead, Alex O’Laughlin. Who is also the main actor in Hawaii 5-0. He’s crazily hot and damn he sure knew how to woo & treat a woman well in the movie! (Joey never fail to remind me that it’s all 做戏 when I’m getting dreamy-eyed while watching something) Predictable plot, not much of an oomph factor. But romance-comedy chickflick movies like such always got its own charm (cause they always get the cute guys to be in it) and I’m kind of a sucker for it too. Besides, who don’t love happy endings right? Just that I’ll try not to catch it in the cinema cause its a waste of money.

Suggestion: Watch it during a saturday movie night with your loved ones with a large bowl of popcorn, comfy PJs and fluffy pillows.

Ah, this movie. That got so many people around me saying how hilarious a movie it is when it was showing in the cinemas. I’m kinda doubtful when they first told me because I don’t really get such humour at times. (Just look at the poster la. Appealing meh?) But to my pleasant surprise, it really is funny leh! Haha! I guess there has to be a damn good reason why Adam Sandler is one of the more successful comedians huh. This kinda show you don’t watch for the story development, you simply just catch it cause you needed a good laugh. And everyone needs a good laugh every now and then.

Suggestion: Don’t watch it with serious people, or people with no sense of humour. They probably won’t get most part of the show and that will be quite a turn off (at least for me) when I realised the people whom I’m watching the show is not laughing together with me. Watch it with your goofball friends and have a hearty good laugh!

Classic movie by Tim Burton and acted by Johnny Depp. (He’s so young! 20ish only in the show! I prefer him older, like in POTC πŸ˜€ ) I didn’t know what this show is all about- I’ve only heard about it frm people and esp during the Halloween period- don’t ask me why- so I decided to give a try at this. This movie is… weird. But in a very nice way. I mean, you’ve got to give kudos to Tim Burton for conjuring up something like this 20yrs back. I find it very creative can?! Even when I’m watching it now where 3D movies are the norm, I still find this movie very captivating… & heartbreaking. 😦 Awwww.

Suggestion: Its such a splendid movie you can watch this all by yourself and you’ll still enjoy it all the same.

Now now now. With this movie I’m sure you’ll need no further introduction nor review. Brilliantly wicked! I’m totally into the show- feeling the anxiety & helplessness of the wife when he’s making the speech, the anguish the king felt when he couldn’t overcome his stammer, the anticipation & excitement for him when he’s making his first official speech over the radio. Wah, I totally clapped and cheered for him! This movie is able to bring the audience through a rollarcoaster ride of emotions together with the actors. I love the fact how a friendship is forged between the King and his therapist, Lionel Logue as well (it’s true! The King really gave him a title afterwards; Commander of the Royal Victorian Order) Absolutely love this movie!

(If you think the wife seems familiar, that’s because she’s Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter movies! And as for the australian speech therapist in the show, he acted in POTC as Captain Barbossa- Captain of the Black Pearl ship)

I’m sure everyone knows that this is a real story, right? And the King in the movie, is the father of the now Queen Elizabeth. I was curious on how the king looked like so I went to Wikipedia it.

Not bad looking hor!

Suggestion: Watch this in the movie then buy the DVD and keep it in your personal stash. Too good to be missed!

The obvious reason why I’m watching this show is of course the yummy looking people featured in the movie poster. Natalie Portman got to be one ofΒ  my fav younger actresses in Hollywood because of the mere fact that even though she’s a celebrity, she’s a smart one (Harvard student), she’s an advocate for animal rights (started her own vegan footwear; don’t wear fur/leather products) and supports antipoverty activities. Got the brain, looks and heart. So perfect right?!

Anyhoos. This movie was released around the same time as Love & Other Drugs in SG but most of the reviewers said they prefered L&OD more than NST. I will agree with them after watching this movie. It’s nice but seriously the two leads are the attraction of the show, rather than the storyline. Nonetheless, its cute, heartwarming & sweet. (god, ashton kutcher is so goddamn cute. he gave her a bouquet of carrots because she told him she don’t want flowers! how creatively cute is that?!) I like the way how Natalie Portman is willing to ζ”ΎδΈ‹δΈ€εˆ‡εŽ»θΏ½ε›žε±žδΊŽε₯Ήηš„ηˆ±ζƒ…γ€‚

Suggestion: Don’t watch it if you’re feeling emo & lonely. Cause ah I think after watching it you’ll feel even more affected. LOL. Imagine, good looking people who owns it all. Think already also sian right?! Otherwise it can be a good choice for a stay home movie night, just like the first movie reviewed.

Ok, that’s all for now!