I really have nothing much to blog for this trip, but I will still blog it for my own recording purposes- to record how my dad pissed the whole family off with his constant complain that thai food tasted strange, how my parents got super excited that there’s food on the airplane (so cute, buay tarhan) how we just whacked the bags at Naraya cause its so cheap compared to SG and how I ate a choconana.. and how it seems so wrong while eating it. hahaha.

More below the cut! And the suitcases in the photo v cute hor? Heh.

I’ve a fetish for clouds, so pardon me while I post these what might be extremely boring pictures to you. But I’m always fascinated that how close I am to the clouds while I’m in the plane. And I especially love it if I’m given the window seat. 😀

I told my mum, “aiyo mummy, why your mouth lidat?”

Then she smiled for the next one. Hahaha. Very easy to control, my mama. But I do think that my mummy is really pretty. 🙂 She don’t put on makeup nor will she spent hundreds every month for facial products. Yet still looking like this for someone her age, kudos. Oh yea, she’s also skinnier than me. =_= I haven’t give birth to kids leh. She had 2 kids and she’s skinnier than me. HOW CAN.

So I was real tired on the day due to lack of sleep (I only managed to sleep at 4am, woke up at 9am) so I quickly dozed off on the plane. After a while, my mum nudged me and told me excitedly that someone is distributing food down the aisle. Both my dad & mum were damn excited to know what were they offering to the passengers.

Just FYI, that was my parents first time on a non-budget airplane, also one of the reason why my sis & I chose this tour package- we wanted our parents to experience something new in their life. Its cute and a bit saddening to see my parents experiencing this for the first time; I’m glad they’re finally experiencing it but its 心酸 to know that it was their first time on a non budget airplane for their age. Ok, my determination level for giving my parents a better life has just gone up after typing that paragraph out. Haha!

So my mum asked me what variety of food they offered and what should we have. I told her I’ve no idea and normally there’s only 2 to chose from, but we’ll have to wait till the air steward served us then I’ll know.

I think she too excited or something, repeated the same question THRICE. LOL.

Why airplane’s food always tastes so good? I love airplane’s food! Enough said.

And.. we reached BKK’s airport. My first time there too! Teehee.

Check out my daddy and his cute backpack. Awww.

It seems like all the vehicles in Thailand will have such flowers or a 佛牌 hanging from the rearview mirror.

The traffic in BKK is crazy. Daddy was especially disturbed/amused by it. We were stuck in a massive jam back to our hotel that by the time we check in and everything’s done. It’s already 6.30pm local time. Wtf right, yes I know. Doesn’t help that our flight was delayed by like an hr plus too. Oh god, what a rocky & bad start to an already very short holiday.

The hotel that I’m staying at is P2 Boutique Hotel, a walkable distance to Pratunam market and Platinum mall. Along the way there’ll be little push carts selling all sorts of stuff to support their daily life so you will still gain/buy something while walking. Only thing I don’t like walking in BKK is the throngs & throngs of people on that squeezy walkway. Really need to squeeze one lor, if you stand aside and just give way to ppl you can happily stand there till the dawn breaks I tell you.

And they got our surname wrong I realised. Its Leow, not Liew.

Its a really small scale hotel and it was filled with Singaporeans that day (PH mah) so we gotta stay on the 7th floor. Bad thing is, the lift only goes up to the 6th floor which means we’ll have to take the stairs afterwards. Its not tiring, but must troublesome. But a major perk is they provide free wifi 24/7. Very strong connection too!

You see that auntie, came in straight away boil water already. Hahahah. I always don’t bother doing such stuff. Cause I believed in 7-11 and its wide array of mineral water available. In other words, I’m lazy.

Why do most girls will always start by camwhoring in the rooms first once they check in huh? LOL. I’m guilty as charged man.

So our initial plan was to hit Platinum mall and do a little bit of shopping first. But lo and behold. When we reached there most of e stalls are already closed or in the midst of closing for the day. I DIDN’T KNOW THEY CLOSES AT 8PM! Quite sad, after our dinner we’ve no choice but to get our shopping done elsewhere.

But if you’re heading to BKK soon, go over to the open space just besides Platinum, where they’ve a Starbucks nearby. Its called Diamond Plaza if I’m not wrong. Clothes & bags sold there are same as Platinum but cheaper on avg, 50 baht. I bought most of my bags there.

We had yummers supper in my parents room and we crashed.

Woke up supremely early (siao one) for this Chao Praya river cruise the following day. But I shall leave that post to next time. Doing a photo post is so tiring!