Bangkok (II)

P2 Hotel serves heart shaped eggs every morning! I always chose the prettiest one with the runniest looking yolk. Sunny side-up is just simply love.

The hotel has the smallest lift I’ve ever seen in my entire life. See how miserable my sis’s face is. Hahaha. The buffet at the hotel was ok, nothing to complain about. They’ve the necessities of what a hotel breakfast should consist.

We woke up insanely early for our half day city tour, local time 6am but I managed to nua till 6.30am or something. Not good in rising early during holidays! Thats the reason why I always prefer a beach holiday- cause in the city there’s so much to do and see. To wake up late and miss out any of it is totally letting yourself (and the $ you spent on the airtix) down. But at the beach, there’s nothing much you can do except to relax. And isn’t that what a holiday should be all about?! TO RELAX?!

Anyway the lagi best thing is, when we went down for bfast, which was before 7am, the whole place was filled with people as well. Which means they woke up EVEN earlier than us! CRAZY!!

Chao Praya River on a rainy morning. Oh anyway, I gotta marvel at how small the world is. The tour guide came to pick us up at our hotel for the half day tour and then he informed us that the van will be stopping by at another hotel to pick up another group for the same tour as well. Turns out that one of the person in that group is my father’s friend! He’s at BKK with his family for a short getaway as well. Small small world indeed huh?! But its indeed a blessing because my dad was chatting non stop with his friend for most of the tour. Wee!

To entertain daddy – checked.

Pardon my arm in the picture, I’ve to hold onto something when the boat is moving and I’m standing right?! Love the smiles on their faces. 🙂

When we were nearing a temple, the tour guide told us that thousands of catfish were living in the waters nearby it. No one ever dare to catch the catfish for food because they believed that these fishes are actually reincarnation of their ancestors/ancestors’ spirits in the fishes (can’t rmb) and the sight of the fishes’ wet slimy looking body slipping past each other for the bread is quite scary actually. I’ve a phobia of too big a cluster of moving objects.

Next, we reached this temple, which I can’t even rmb what it is called.

So my parents were totally not interested in purchasing the ticket to go into the temple to have a closer look at this old architecture, instead they were more interested in the pasar malam stalls around it. You’ve no idea how pissed off my sister and I were at that point of time- just imagine ok. You bring your parents to an overseas trip, the main purpose is for them to experience something new and different, right? But nooooo, instead they’ve shown their interest in pasar malam stalls which can be found anywhere and everywhere in Thailand, showing disregards to this beautiful ancient sacred temple that requires us to take a boat to reach there. Don’t judge my sister & I for being pissed off ok, we’ve all the reasons to be.

I’ve no idea what’s the reason behind their disinterest. Especially when my parents are the sort who loves sightseeing- heck that’s also the reason why we book from the tour agency, we were so afraid that there’s nothing for them to do! Perhaps it might be the rain. I don’t know.

I initially wanted to go in but due to the fact that I’m wearing shorts and a spag top, I wasn’t allowed to. So I pass the ticket to my dad hoping to use the if-never-go-in-waste-$ ploy with him, but NO. It didn’t work. Ok whatever, I’ve tried my best.

At the dock, getting ready to head back to the boat.

And we saw some pretty machines at one of the stops. My oh my. 3 VINTAGE CARS IN A ROW. HOW NICE IS THAT?!?!?

After the tour we went to Central World where my sis & I just whack it at Naraya. Our basket was filled up pretty quickly. Anyway, I feel like I’m back in SG when I was in Naraya cause 80% of the store is filled with Singaporeans. Hahaha. All wanna kio cheap goods.

And after the shopping, we need to fill up my daddy’s stomach because his fuel is running low.


And I’m going to end the post adruptly here. because I’m tired.

To think I said there’s nothing much to blog about in my first BKK blog entry huh? Now look who’s the one splitting it into 3 seperate entries.