the Man

In every relationship, there’ll always be one party who will be playing the “Man” character- be it the boyfriend or the girlfriend.

The one who is normally playing that character got to be mature in their thinking, they’ve to be independent, analytical, rational, initiative, problem-solving amongst other characteristics. They think more, think deeper. They tend to be one who will be looking at the relationship and starts to think how are they going to progress together on as a couple. They see the problems, they try to think of solutions. They look at the overall big picture.

The other halves might be totally dependent on them, which is more of a habit more than anything. Cause at the back of their heads they’ll always be thinking, “there’s always you” So even though they might be capable of all of the traits mentioned above, they just sort of took the easy way out and.. relax. Or they might be just as equally capable thus enabling the relationship to be a very balanced one- they can always switch roles easily. And with the switching, means the release of the huge responsibilities and perhaps even a lil bit of stress. It ain’t no easy feat to be always the one “in charge” or being the “mother hen” of the relationship.

I always think it’s of utmost importance to achieve a balance in everything (Libra’s trait I strongly believed) especially in relationship. So I do think that the latter one is always the winning solution for a healthy & good relationship. But more often that not, it doesn’t always happen this way.

But anyway, I realized that whoever is playing the Man character tends to have an “upper hand” after a prolong period of time. And why not? The other party have been depending on you 8 out of 10 times; it seems like if without you they will be just lost little lambs with no sense of navigation. They will be feeling bouts of insecurity because they’re afraid that who might be the most important person in their life might just leave and what will be left of them in that case? That fear and anxiety.

(That’s quite a crude way of putting it and is solely my humble point of view. You don’t have to agree with it.)

Some of you might like the fact that you’re the Man of the relationship; you like to be in charge you like to be the one he/she can depend on. Some of you, the other way round- you like the feeling of being taken care of 24/7, you like to depend on that someone for everything. Well if that’s how you tick, then good for you.

But anyway I don’t think it’s healthy to have an imbalanced relationship; I wouldn’t want to be at the other spectrum of the relationship whereby I have the upper hand because I’ll be then complacent and start taking the love for granted, let’s face it that will happen. Nor to be constantly having this fear that the other party will be running away with the next better woman that comes along.

Balance, people. Balance.